Lili Phillips is a graphic and print designer based in London, currently working at Pentagram.


Find Another Teacher. Typographic Poster. 210 x 297mm.

Exhibition Views. Publication founded by Emily Burke and Johanna Crafoord, and designed by myself and Abbie Lilley, Exhibition Views is a new publication exploring emerging artists and young writers of the coveted London art scene. 148 x 210mm.

Re—Inc’s Spring 2021 collection. Gamer, champions the women, BIPOC and activists who are using their crafts and specialties to disrupt the field of gaming.  Designed at Pentagram NYC with Eddie Opara.

Handmade Sketchbooks. A series of one-off sketchbooks using my unused/mixed paper stocks I have lying around. 148 x 210mm.

NYC Votes. A new graphic identity for NYC Votes that powerfully connects the act of voting with the expression of one’s own voice. Designed at Pentagram NYC with Eddie Opara.