Lili Phillips

Nice to meet you, I’m Lili. I am an attentive thinker, tactile explorer and curious designer, whose work is bound by a critical awareness of content.

Employing courage and nobility, I deliver tangible results—from printed matter to community building.

1/2 of Nearly, a design studio & publishing house.

Copyright © 2020 Lili Phillips


Books About Books

Books About Books is a collection of experimental publications, designed in response to my interviews with women concerned with book arts. Each conversation determines the concept and the look of the book.

This book is my response to Coralie’s perspective of collaboration. I instigated a collaborative model that bought together both designers and non-designers during lockdown. The eight voluntary participants were sent a segment of my interview, along with a simple instruction:

1. Interpret this text however you please
2. Do not spend longer than 15 minutes
3. Send it back to me

The final pocket-sized bound pages are the necessary instrument which allows the artistic work to sing. Handmade as a limited edition, in a precious print run of nine (with an embedded handwritten note), each book has been delivered back to the individuals who contributed. I trust that the gift of the tactile book will return to the recipient the comfort and reassurance which I experienced in opening their notes and submissions.

The Books About Books collection,
104mm x 168mm,
Handbound three-hole pamphlet stitch,

Publication Design, in response to Coralie Bickford-Smith