Lili Phillips

Nice to meet you, I’m Lili—a curious designer, playful maker and print enthusiast.

Currently working at Pentagram NYC, I strive to promote unity through visual identities, editorial, environmental, digital and printed matter.

1/2 of Nearly, a design studio.

Recipient of both the Omorovicza Scholarship and the UAL Design as Community Building award, 2020.



In a difficult time, I felt a wistful longing for familiarity. I turned to Charlie, using a camera as an excuse for conversation and human interaction. Because, everything is so magical as a child. Colours brighter, dreams bigger. Charlie's excitement to life radiated infectious energy and warmth, at a time I need it most.

Through tenderness and pure honesty, my short film, Charlie, captures naivety, playfulness and innocent acts of wonder, that lie within a nine-year-old. The conversation is guided by instinctual feelings and emotional thoughts, naturally drifting around the core topic; food as a means of communication.

When Charlie was asked for his most memorable meal, he was quick to disregard the food on his plate, and instead, spoke endearingly about the event in which he got tomato juice on his mothers brand new top. His curious and observant mind carried the comforting truth I was craving. It’s not about the food. It’s about feeling. It’s the undirected, accidental moments in life that contain the power to lift our soul. It’s raw happiness, found in commonality.

I later made and surprised Charlie with his ultimate dream cake: a three-layered chocolate cake, covered in chocolate icing, chocolate ganache and chocolate flakes.

Me: “Is that not a bit sickly?”
Charlie: “Naaaah!”

(it was)

Short film (3:14),
+ Photo series, shot on 35mm film,

A Short Film & Photographic Series