Lili Phillips

Nice to meet you, I’m Lili. I am an attentive thinker, tactile explorer and curious designer, whose work is bound by a critical awareness of content.

Employing courage and nobility, I deliver tangible results—from printed matter to community building.

1/2 of Nearly, a design studio & publishing house.

Copyright © 2020 Lili Phillips


Nearly, a Publishing House

A publishing house and design studio that celebrates processes, mess and failures. 

Nearly began as an online communicative platform that champions our peers and maintains the invaluable studio conversations amid isolation. Just like a typical CSM Tuesday afternoon critique, you're encouraged to showcase the unfinished gems from your current project—a crucial moment for group discussion, alteration and reassurance. Nearly is fuelled by optimism, fearlessness, and most importantly, the power of our community.

Nearly are now continuing to work on community-led projects, such as 'Exhibition Views': a quarterly publication exploring the world of London’s leading art schools. This is due to be designed, printed and launched in October 2020.
Brand Identity, in collaboration with Abbie Lilley