Lili Phillips

Nice to meet you, I’m Lili. As a curious designer of communication, I strive to promote unity through visual identities, editorial and printed matter.

Design Intern at Pentagram NYC

1/2 of Nearly, a design studio.

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The Craft of Constructing a Book

A rebinding of 'A Void' by Georges Perec, influenced by the books unusual legibility difficulties (the entire novel has been written without a key typographic character: the letter 'E'). The missing glyph made Perec's paperback to be a challenging read—I was endlessly searching for an impossible misprint. To mirror this fidgety performance, the title has been scattered across the new book cover.

My final book illustrates the timeless craft and the surgical skills that are concerned with traditional bookmaking; binding, gilding, paring and tooling my book by hand.

Made under the supervision of Richard Golightly.

Rebinding: ‘A Void’ by Georges Perec,
translated by Gilbert Adair.

A fine leather, hand bound book + process film (4:17), 

Rebinding & Short (process) Film